Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 'Cake' L.A. Premiere in the Middle of Awards Buzz

Jennifer Aniston 'Cake' Premiere H 2015
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The actress celebrates the release at the ArcLight theater the night before the Oscar nominations are announced

The night before the Oscar nomination announcements, a hopeful Jennifer Aniston and the makers of Cake celebrated the film’s release at the ArcLight theater in Hollywood.

“I just put my phone on,” Aniston told reporters about her awards announcement ritual. “I actually usually have my ringer off so I was told I’m not allowed to do that. My ringer will be on, so don’t call.”

Since Cake’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, Aniston’s role as an acerbic woman suffering chronic pain has led critics to predict a possible Oscar nomination. After the former Friends star transitioned from comedy to a more dramatic, complex character, she expressed what she’s looking for in her next role.

“My goal is to do something that really matters to me,” Aniston told THR. “It can be another comedy, it can be a thriller, I don’t care what it is. This experience was so fulfilling creatively that I want to be very particular.

Kristin Hahn, who served as Aniston’s producing partner through their company Echo Films, was most surprised by Aniston’s drive to become involved with the project."

She read the script overnight and said 'I have to do this.' " said Hahn. "She really fought for the role. I think the momentum of not overthinking it at all and not giving ourselves the chance to second-guess was really unique. I think it served the project very well.”

Cake was developed and shot in under a year and also stars Anna Kendrick, Felicity Huffman, Sam Worthington and William H. Macy. Director Daniel Barnz (Won't Back Down, Phoebe in Wonderland) is proud of Aniston for living up to her “sterling” reputation as an actress in both temperament and talent.

“When you get into a film atmosphere and everybody is working so hard and it’s so stressful, you never know what kind of colors you’ll see from somebody,” Barnz told THR. "She was just amazing through and through. She was so giving and so gracious and worked so hard."

Barnz admitted that it will be hard to get sleep after the premiere with the Oscar nominations the next morning.

“I think we are going to try to sleep. We will unlikely be successful and let the phone wake us up, but we’ll see what happens.”

Barnz and his partner, Ben Barnz, also dished they are teaming with Cake screenwriter Patrick Tobin on another upcoming project. After Daniel Barnz judged Tobin’s winning Cake screenplay at a screenwriting competition, Barnz approached Tobin about collaborating for the script, which also made the 2013 Black List.

"Our production company, We Are Not Brothers productions, has a couple of things that we’re developing together. We’d like to find something that can really feed off the momentum of Cake."

The film was the first to be distributed through Mark Canton's Cinelou. Cinelou's second project, Cook, will also feature a more comedic actor taking on a serious role, as Eddie Murphy stars in the flm directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy). Canton expressed that he has his sights on working with Bill Murray on a future project.

“I have a big thing about working with Bill," said Canton. "I’ve known him since Caddyshack. I love his work and I hope I work with him soon.”

Canton, who is also hopeful for Aniston’s possible best actress nod, said he’s going to tune in to the Oscar noms tomorrow.

“I’m going to get up and eat some cake and watch the announcements.”

Cake hits theaters on Jan. 23.