Jennifer Aniston Finally Spills the Truth About Why She Cut Her Hair Last July

Jennifer Aniston in July (left) and September (right) of 2011

In a new interview, the actress reveals the reason behind her blunt-angled bob, one of the hottest hair moments of 2011.

Looking back over the hottest hair moments of 2011, one moment stands out in our celebrity memory bank. It's that unforgettable and shocking day last July when hair goddess Jennifer Aniston chopped off several inches of her famously long-layered hair. At the time, the shorter haircut set a trend for below-the-chin angled bobs around the civilized world.  

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But we couldn't stop wondering why Jen took such  a drastic step with the (OK, one of many) charactistics that she is most renowned for.  Was she depressed, bored, feeling hum-drum, lonely? Kinda like we non-celebrity women feel  before we decide that yes, what we need is a new haircut or color to feel alive and exciting. We had to know the answer.

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 At long last Instyle has finally uncovered the truth and they've printed it in their January 2012 issue. According to Jen, “The real reason I cut my hair? My real hair was getting thinned out again from all the extensions. It was starting to look fake.” 

Wait. What? Jennifer Aniston wears hair extensions? That's not all her own real gorgeous hair? That certainly explains why her hair was long again in September 2011, just two months later.  So much for thinking she's one of us.