Jennifer Aniston Isn't a Homewrecker, Mila Kunis Is GQ's Knockout, Cameron Diaz Has a Twin

Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston Split - H 2011
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Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston Split - H 2011

Fash Flash: Everything (almost) you need to know right now.

According to the Daily Mail (and we all know how reputable British papers can be). Jennifer Aniston told Justin Theroux's ex girlfriend Heidi Bevins in a sit down face-to-face in a New York hotel that she's not a selfish, manipulative man-stealing homewrecker, like one actress we could mention. On a lighter note, Aniston isn't pregnant, but she has quit smoking and gained a few pounds, which explains those stupid pregnancy rumors.

Lecherous Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi may be gone -- thanks to all those annoying underage prostitution charges -- but he's not yet forgotten. One Italian lingerie company has bid him a fond farewell with this ad on their website. [See the image at the end of this post.]

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has a new girlfriend who is a tall muscular blond dead ringer for his ex Cameron Diaz. Now we know why Diaz was working out so hard.

Knockout of the Year Mila Kunis graces the cover of GQ's Man of the Year issue because she's way hotter than Michael Fassbender, Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake put together.

Crotchless panties for kids? You know, nothing shocks us anymore. A mother in Greeley Colorado hit a store called Kids N Teen and discovered crotchless thongs for sale. The shop has pulled the suggestive items from shelves, so now the poor kids will have to shop for their crotchless undies online. 

Versace is back on the couture calender. The Italian design house hasn't done a Paris couture runway show since 2004. But Donatella Versace, whose one-off H&M line hits stores Thursday is now officially listed by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, and the Versace show will be held on Jan. 23, in the first time slot.

Leonardo DiCaprio threw himself a 37th birthday bash and invited his mother, Bradley Cooper and a few Brazilian Victoria's Secret Models. See, actors don't need or setups. They just attend VS lingerie shows and pick one out. How do you think Leo got hooked up with his last two steadies, Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli. The birthday party also raised $1.3 million for DiCaprio's wildlife protection projects and Haitian disaster relief. 

Hillary Clinton got heat in the '90s for her girly headbands. Now she's getting fashion flack for her scrunchies. Leave the woman alone. She's the freaking Secretary of State, people. Be happy she's not obsessed with her darn hair. 

Patti Labelle is being sued by a New York woman for going all crazy on her and throwing water on her crying baby. We hope this gets cleared up, but in the meantime, the singer could always say she was baptizing the little munchkin.