Jennifer Aniston Wants to Move to NYC (Video)

"I grew up here. I miss it," she said of New York during an interview on "GMA" to promote "Just Go With It."

Jennifer Aniston is considering selling her 9,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion to move to New York City.

"I've been looking and looking," the actress said on Good Morning America Thursday while promoting Just Go With It. "I grew up here. I miss it. There's nothing like being in the city...[it's] the city of every man. It's all walks and I love that."

Aniston calls her mansion "too much" in the new issue of People magazine.

“This summer I woke up in the middle of the night in London, and I couldn't sleep, and I knew I really needed to simplify my life. And along with that came the thought, 'I should sell my house,'" she said. "I had the realization that it is just too much for me. I'm not this person."

The home, which was recently featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, is not actually on the market yet.

She also opened up about her preference for choosing romantic comedy roles.

"I just feel like there's no greater healer than laughter," she told GMA’s Robin Roberts. "That's why I feel like doing what I get to do is just one of the luckiest things there is, to be out there and try to just create some joy, bring some levity to people's days."