Jennifer Aniston Tries to Go Viral With 'Sex Tape' (Video)

To sell Smart Water, the actress appears in an ad with puppies, a double rainbow and dancing babies.

Jennifer Aniston is trying to go viral.

In a spoof video for Smart Water (for which she is a spokeswoman), she cuddles with puppies, kicks a guy in the crotch ("Sorry, apparently that's worth about 100,000 hits," she reasons) and deals with a man who is hysterical over double rainbows (the original online video has received more than 25 million clicks and spawned an autotune version that got an additional 22 million streams). The video also features dirty dancing babies and a cute, lip-syncing kid.

The kicker: her "internet guys" decide it should be named "Jen Aniston's sex tape."

"Love it!" says the actress, who has also appeared nearly nude in ads for the water.

So far, the video has only earned 305 views (as of 12:45 p.m. EST) since its Monday release.

UPDATE: Zambezi, the ad agency behind the spot, said Wednesday that the promo reached more than 2.7 million views since Monday.