Jennifer Aniston under fire for 'retard' comment

Special Olympics offended by actress' word choice

Who knew Jennifer Aniston's publicity tour for "The Switch" would be so controversial?

This time the actress joked about being a "retard" during a Thursday morning appearance on "Live With Regis and Kelly."

Aniston was discussing her "Harper's Bazaar" photo shoot when she said: "I play dress up. I do it for a living, like a retard."

The audience laughed and special interest groups cried foul. (Click here for interview. Comments begin at 2 minute mark.)

The latest gaffe -- assuming one considers it such -- comes just after she finished trading long-distance barbs with Bill O'Reilly over her assertion that men aren't necessary to make babies.

The Special Olympics and the advocacy group The Arc each expressed their displeasure with Aniston's choice of word.

"Special Olympics is always disappointed when the R-word is used, especially by someone who is influential to society," the organization said in a statement.

As for her spat with the host of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," he started it, sort of, by accusing her of "diminishing the role of the dad" and "being destructive to our society."

He was referring to Aniston's recent assertion to the press that "women are realizing more and more that you don't have to settle, they don't have to fiddle with a man to have that child."

Aniston fired back in People magazine, saying: "The ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age... but for those who've not yet found their Bill O'Reilly, I'm just glad science has provided a few other options."

Her movie, "The Switch," is all about one of those options.
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