Jennifer Garner, Jim Jefferies and Jimmy Fallon Compete in Taste Test Game

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Episode 1118 -Jennifer Garner, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Jefferies - September 12, 2019 -Publicity-H 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The three players had to guess the secret ingredients in a three-course meal during Thursday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Jennifer Garner and Jim Jefferies joined Jimmy Fallon in trying to guess the secret ingredients in a number of dishes during Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

Announcer Steve Higgins kicked off the first round by introducing a drink included in the three-course meal, which was a Baja pineapple margarita. He shared that the drink was made with organic pineapple, fresh lime juice, glass-rested tequila blanco and a secret ingredient.

The three contestants clinked their glasses before they each took a sip of the beverage. Garner declared, "eww" when she drank the margarita, while Jefferies took a large gulp.

Garner and Fallon both guessed that the secret ingredient was pickle juice, while Jefferies explained that he thought the drink "had a smoky overtone" and guessed that the ingredient was ham.

After Higgins revealed that the mystery ingredient was mustard, Jefferies argued that he deserved half a point because "mustard goes with ham."

The next dish was chili made with the secret ingredient Nutella. While the contestants said that the chili was better than the margarita, they all agreed that the dish wasn't good.

Garner guessed that the secret ingredient was corn, while Fallon said that he thought there were Oreo cookies in the chili. Jefferies guessed that there was chocolate in the chili and Higgins prompted him to get more specific with his guess. The comedian ultimately answered that the ingredient was Nutella, so he won the round.

The final dish was a Southwest Southern-style mini red velvet cupcake, which was secretly made with toothpaste. Higgins told the contestants to eat the cupcake in one bite, which made the three cringe as they swallowed the dessert.

Garner and Fallon both correctly guessed that there was toothpaste in the cupcakes, while Jefferies tried to change his answer from gravy to toothpaste at the last minute.

The game ended in a tie, so the three competitors had to guess which brand the toothpaste was. Garner guessed that the toothpaste was Aquafresh, while Fallon said Crest and Jefferies answered Colgate. Fallon was then declared the winner.

Watch the full game below.