Jennifer Garner Couldn't Breathe in Her Oscars Gown

Jennifer Garner Visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-H 2016
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC

So much so that she considered standing up during the ceremony, until her friend said, "If you stand up, they'll think you're Kanye West."

Jennifer Garner hit the Oscars red carpet in a custom Versace gown, looking as glam as ever. But there was a price to pay.

"This was Versace, and they made it just for me. Do you know how they make it? See how I have a waist right now? I don't have one in real life anymore," she told host Jimmy Fallon during her appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday night.

She continued: "What they do is, they move your organs around. There are basically two men who come in with screw guns, and they screwed me into a metal corset — this isn't true, but it was a metal corset, and it did take two Italian people who were talking very quickly. And the next thing you know, my ribs were compressed." Anything for fashion, right?

When Fallon asked if she meant it was like Spanx, Garner responded: "No, dude. It's not like that. It's so intense!"

It didn't get better during the ceremony, either. When Garner's muscles started to spasm ("I had a panic attack in my ribs"), she considered standing up so she could let a breath out. But her friend advised her otherwise.

"She said, 'If you stand up, they'll think you're Kanye West. They're going to think you're protesting. You can't stand up! You have to sit down,' " shared the Miracles From Heaven star. "I'm trying to get comfortable. ... We're laughing, and that makes it worse."

Watch what Garner had to say when she had to go to the restroom, too. Tough times, man.