Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah Reflect on Their Faith at 'Miracles From Heaven' Premiere

Miracles From Heaven Premiere- H 2016
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

"I grew up going to church," said Garner. "After this movie that is something we started doing regularly in L.A."

Jennifer Garner and her Miracles From Heaven co-star Queen Latifah shared how the film helped them to reflect on their own faith while at the premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. 

The faith-based film focuses on the true story of 12-year-old Anna Beam, who suffers from a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, making it difficult for her to eat. After Anna has a near-death experience, falling into the hollow of a tree, she is suddenly cured of her disease. The Beam family, who also attended the premiere, calls the experience a miracle based on their Christian faith. 

"I know that my faith has brought me through a lot of situations," said Latifah. "It's not about what people think. It's about my connection with God, and that's important. I thought it was a cool story. It appealed to the 12-year-old kid in me. Magical things happen."

Garner, who plays Anna's mother, Christy, said working on the film influenced her personal life as well. 

"I grew up going to church. My family would always go to church when we visited my parents in West Virginia. After this movie that is something we started doing regularly in L.A.," the actress said.

Later on, Garner was seen talking to Latifah and T.D. Jakes (one of the film's producers and senior pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas). "We went to a service and have been dreaming of his services ever since," said Garner. "He got down." 

The film is the first production under Devon Franklin's banner, Franklin Entertainment. Franklin, who previously served as senior vp production at Columbia Pictures, walked the red carpet with actress and wife Meagan Good and told THR why the emotional film can impact all audiences.

"Everyone is part of a family and everyone has someone they know that has gone through trials or tribulations in crisis. The Beam family is a great template for the human experience and what we go through," said Franklin. "I think when people see the film they will see themselves in the movie, they will see their families in the movie, and also, when you go through hard times you may come through. That's the universal story that everyone can connect to."

Martin Henderson, who plays Christy husband, Kevin, expressed that the film can still resonate with those who don't believe in miracles. 

"I was a little cynical and jaded about the idea of miracles," said Henderson. "I can be close-minded and close-hearted sometimes, but this was a story that opened my heart. Irregardless of what I went into it with, I was deeply moved by what this family went through. It doesn't necessarily answer anything for anybody, but it certainly opens questions up. I think we discount how many little miracles happen everyday."

Miracles From Heaven hits theaters on March 16.