Jennifer Garner's Fave Perfumer Launches New Fragrance Set

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Jennifer Garner

The DIY-style Biography kit by Sarah Horowitz, who also has fans in Madonna and Rachel Zoe, makes it easy to create a custom scent for fall.

It’s safe to assume those stars without their own fragrances are forced to wear something off-the-shelf or go the custom route. L.A. indie perfumer Sarah Horowitz has helped them out for decades, creating unique bespoke scents for people based off their personalities, memories and preferences, and also selling her dreamy, perfectly balanced concoctions, like Perfect Veil, to names like Jennifer Garner, Madonna and Rachel Zoe.

Now, that celeb and cult-favorite fragrance is available along with three others in a new kit dubbed Biography — Scents of Self ($85), launching on QVC Friday. The point of Horowitz’s new release is to allow customers to mix and match and layer the base (Perfect Veil, which comprises lemon, musk and a bit of vanilla) with a trio of “notes” in endless combinations for a customized blend.

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The reason we need something customized? “Two words: Body. Chemistry,” says Horowitz. “Each of us has a different scent all our own, so fragrance can smell different even on sisters, mother and daughter, best friends.” So what smells great on one may not have the same effect on another.

Being able to combine different amounts of unique scents —  Awakening, Harmony and Passion are the roll-on notes — is also handy as the day wears on and the mood changes, or when there’s a shift in seasons. “You can transition your favorite scent into a fall/winter scent by layering in something warmer and richer,” says the expert. “We usually move from fresher, clean or fruity scents in the summer to fragrances that are a bit heavier in the base note, which feels a bit deeper.”

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In Biography, that role is filled by Scents of Passion, which is sensual and features amber, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. “I love layering Veil with Scents of Passion,” says Horowitz. “Or just Passion with the middle note, the gardenia-focused Scents of Harmony. Mind you I love patchouli and vanilla with everything.”

The fun is in playing around, since there’s no wrong combination. One tip: Don’t rub your wrists together, even though that’s what you see in movies. According to Horowitz it will make the fragrance dissipate faster. And for fall, watch out for a few hot notes she’s loving: cade, oud and amber, which, “for me,” she says, “is classically fall.”