Jennifer Hudson a No-Show at Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Grammy-winning singer was scheduled to perform at the UK concert but pulled out at the last minute, citing “major production issues.”

The Michael Jackson Tribute Concert at Cardiff, Wales’s Millenium Stadium Saturday night was filled with performances by major acts including Beyoncé (via video), Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Gladys Knight and Cee-Lo Green. The cherry on top was set to be a closing performance by Academy Award-winning actress and Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson.

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However, Hudson didn’t show up. Saturday afternoon she explained the last-minute decision on her twitter. “To my UK fans that were coming to the MJ show in Wales: I will no longer be attending due to major production issues,” she tweeted. “I would have thought they [the show’s producers] would have informed you all by now, so since they did not, I am. Thank u for your support.”

Hudson was not the first artist to pull out of the show: the Black Eyed Peas pulled out last week, citing "unavoidable circumstances." Event organizers had trouble lining up top-name acts for the event. 

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According to TMZ, Hudson felt that the tribute show’s producers did not give her the music she was set to perform in time for her to rehearse. However, TMZ cites other sources saying Hudson received her music at the same time as the night’s other performers.

Hudson had already signed her contract and had reportedly been paid in full for the event. However, a rep for the singer says the show’s producers “completely understood.”

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