Jennifer Hudson Attacks Apartheid in 'Winnie Mandela' Trailer (Video)

The biopic of the South African activist's wife will be released Sept. 6.

Coming to a theater near you, one movie about South African civil rights activist Nelson Mandela, and another one about his wife, Winnie.

The trailer for the latter film, Winnie Mandela, has been released and features Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson in the title role and Terrence Howard as her legendary husband.

Unlike the upcoming biopic, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, the Hudson feature focuses primarily on the life and struggles of Winnie Mandela after her husband was taken to prison for crimes against the state. The trailer follows Winnie as she assumes the leadership role in the anti-apartheid movement in Nelson's absence.

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"I will not allow the selfless efforts of my husband to be abandoned," Winnie declares in the trailer. "Mandela's dream of a free society will be kept alive."

It's been a long road to the American cinema for the movie. Winnie Mandela was filmed in 2010 and screened at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. However, due to poor reception, the release of the film was delayed. Now with the actual Nelson Mandela suffering from health problems at the age of 95, Winnie will finally be released in theaters Sept. 6 through Image Entertainment.

The film is directed by Darrell Roodt and stars Hudson, Howard, Elias Koteas and Wendy Crewson.

Check out the trailer above.