Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Featured in First Image for 'Serena' (Photo)

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Serena - H 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Serena - H 2012

Susanne Bier’s thriller has begun production in Prague.

Jennifer Lawrence has wiped off that Hunger Games grime and glammed up in the first photo for Serena.

Susanne Bier’s thriller starring Lawrence and Bradley Cooper has begun filming in Prague, according to a release from 2929 and Studiocanal Productions.

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The first photo from the upcoming film, which is based on Ron Rash’s novel of the same name, has also been released, showing Cooper and Lawrence as their characters, George and Serena Pemberton.

The film follows newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton who travel from Boston to the mountains of North Carolina where they begin to build a timber empire in 1929. But when Serena learns that she can never bear a child, she sets out to murder the woman who bore George a son before his marriage. And when she starts to suspect that George is protecting his illegitimate family, the Pembertons' intense marriage begins to unravel.

Lawrence and Cooper will first be seen together onscreen in David O. Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook, due out later this year. The story follows a man who tries to put his life back together after spending time in a mental institution.

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After Serena, Lawrence shooting schedule for the next year and beyond is already getting packed. Sources recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Fox plans to begin shooting its in-development sequel to X-Men: First Class in January. That means Lionsgate would move forward with an August start date for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire without a conflict for Lawrence, who is set to star in both.

As The Hollywood Reporter reported, Catching Fire's tight schedule may have been in part the reason Hunger Games director Gary Ross announced that he would not return for Catching Fire.