Jennifer Lawrence Seeks Revenge on Chris Pratt With Help From Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Revenge on Chris Pratt Jimmy Kimmel Live -Screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

It involved spray paint.

Jimmy Kimmel offered Jennifer Lawrence some assistance in getting revenge on Chris Pratt.

On Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC host showed Lawrence pictures that were posted by her Passengers costar on social media, where Pratt jokingly crops Lawrence out of the frame.

“It’s always a bad sign when Chris seems sincere about something," laughed Lawrence.

"Are you the kind of person who's going to take this?" asked Kimmel.

"F— it,” the actress replied. “I’m going to do something about it.” She then grabbed one of the spray paint cans sidekick Guillermo had ready to go and walked outside as a bus with a Passengers poster drove up.

"We're all angry," proclaimed Kimmel. Lawrence went straight for the eyes, blacking them out as Kimmel focused on making the Passengers title appear as only the word "ass" with an arrow pointing to Pratt. Kimmel and Lawrence also changed his name to "Chris Rat."

"I feel better," said Lawrence, before drawing last-minute devil eyes and a pitchfork onto Pratt's face.

During her interview Lawrence talked about her hypochondriac tendencies, saying her current anxiety is over fears she'll get appendicitis while visiting China on her press tour. She also showed Kimmel a picture of bacteria that she finds to be really cute as they bonded over their constant medical-inspired Googling.