The 5 Most Relatable Moments From Jennifer Lawrence's 'Vogue' Interview

Courtesy of Vogue Magazine/Instagram
Jennifer Lawrence

The glossy also clarifies that the actress is, in fact, "real" (in case you had your doubts).

Yes, yes, we get it. Jennifer Lawrence — actress, writer, relatable, humorous person — is a real living, breathing human being.

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But in case you, dear reader, were under the impression (like so many others, apparently) that Lawrence is some kind of alien life form sent from the Hollywood gods to fool us laypeople into thinking that "Stars! They really are just like us!" Vogue profiled the 25-year-old Hunger Games star to prove, once and for all, that her "universal lovability" is not an act.

The profile, appropriately titled, "Jennifer Lawrence Is Determined, Hilarious, and — Above All — Real," digs deep into the actress' political views, career ambitions and, most importantly, her relationship with Amy Schumer.

Here, we've compiled five of her most "real" moments from the interview.

1. Lawrence removes her bra midinterview. 

The most freeing act there is.

2. Dinner reservations were scrapped in favor of delivery pizza and rosé.

Because priorities. 

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3. Her pizza of choice (pepperoni and jalapeno, ranch on the side) was considered "not nearly as bad as it sounds."

Weird pizza order, no shame.

4. Like the rest of us, she thinks that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are pretty cool (though she actually knows them personally).

The best neighbors in all of Beverly Hills.

5. She hasn't had a date in a while. ("Cheers to my hymen growing back!")