Watch Jennifer Lawrence Dish on Her Dior Addict Campaign (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Dior
Jennifer Lawrence for Dior Addict Makeup

"To me, the Dior woman is playful, spontaneous and free," says the actress.

After seeing a whole lot of lip in the teaser for the Dior Addict campaign, we finally get to see the actual face behind the pout: Jennifer Lawrence, the ambassador of Dior Beauty's new Addict lipstick.

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In a new interview with Dior, debuting exclusively on Pret-a-Reporter, the 25-year-old star says that like the Dior Addict Woman, she likes to be surprised and "this lipstick surprised me — very shiny and easy to apply."

Adds Dior Makeup creative and image director Peter Philips in a separate interview, also premiering here, of the new shade: "Joy — that's what it is. That's the DNA of Dior Addict. It's a lipstick that shines."

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In between takes of smoldering at the camera in her form-fitting pink dress and holding the new lipstick, the longtime face of Dior adds: "To me, the Dior woman is playful, spontaneous and free. 'Shine don't be shy' means this is your moment to radiate, and feel good and confident. I know nothing about being shy." You can say that again, J.Law.

Check out the official Dior Addict campaign, starring Lawrence, below.

See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from J. Law's campaign shoot, here.


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