Watch Jennifer Lawrence Dish on Her Dior Addict Campaign (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lawrence
Courtesy of Dior

"To me, the Dior woman is playful, spontaneous and free," says the actress.

After seeing a whole lot of lip in the teaser for the Dior Addict campaign, we finally get to see the actual face behind the pout: Jennifer Lawrence, the ambassador of Dior Beauty's new Addict lipstick.

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In a new interview with Dior, debuting exclusively on Pret-a-Reporter, the 25-year-old star says that like the Dior Addict Woman, she likes to be surprised and "this lipstick surprised me — very shiny and easy to apply."

Adds Dior Makeup creative and image director Peter Philips in a separate interview, also premiering here, of the new shade: "Joy — that's what it is. That's the DNA of Dior Addict. It's a lipstick that shines."

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In between takes of smoldering at the camera in her form-fitting pink dress and holding the new lipstick, the longtime face of Dior adds: "To me, the Dior woman is playful, spontaneous and free. 'Shine don't be shy' means this is your moment to radiate, and feel good and confident. I know nothing about being shy." You can say that again, J.Law.

Check out the official Dior Addict campaign, starring Lawrence, below.

See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from J. Law's campaign shoot, here.