Jennifer Lawrence on Her Dior Ads: 'Of Course It's Photoshop; People Don't Look Like That'

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior PR Image - P 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior PR Image - P 2013

Reacting to the sight of her new Dior ads, the best actress Oscar winner laughs and declares her love of photo editing.

As if we needed another reason to think Jennifer Lawrence is oh-so-very awesome, the down-to-earth Oscar winner has admitted that her recent Dior ads were Photoshopped. And she did it on national TV.  

"Oh my God, I haven't seen this," she told Access Hollywood on the Oscars red carpet Sunday. "I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. Of course it's Photoshop; people don't look like that."

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People don't readily admit that their images have been manipulated, either.

The use of Photoshop, while widely debated, rarely is discussed publicly among participants. Unless, of course, they happen to find themselves deflecting fallout from being retouched in the first place. Notable instances include Kim Kardashian's Complex magazine shoot in 2009 and Demi Moore's W cover in 2010, when the actress angrily denied that she had been retouched, despite a seemingly missing chunk of flesh from her hip. 

But Lawrence -- honest and cool as a cucumber -- seems she couldn't care less. Just as she did when she tripped on her way to the stage to accept her best actress Oscar. And, surely, just as she'll do the next time "scandal" strikes. 

Curious as to what the 22-year-old star looked like on set at the Dior shoot that day? The Daily Mail has behind-the-scenes shots.