Style Notes: Caitlyn Jenner's MAC Campaign; J.Law on Unrealistic Body Standards

Caitlyn Jenner MAC Lipstick AD - S 2016
Courtesy of MAC/Instagram

Style news served up hot.

Caitlyn Jenner's MAC Campaign Is Here [Instagram]
The first campaign images for Caitlyn Jenner's MAC Cosmetics collaboration have arrived. Jenner posted a revealing photo on Instagram, showing the reality star baring her bosom in a sleek bustier. The "Finally Free" lipstick, first announced in February, is now available online and in select stores for $17. All of the proceeds from sales will go directly to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Creating a "New Normal" Body Type for Hollywood [Harper's Bazaar]
Like all Jennifer Lawrence interviews, the actress' latest profile in Harper's Bazaar was both off-the-wall and charming (only J.Law could make puking sound endearing), but her most buzzed-about comment was in reference to Hollywood's stick-thin standard body type. "I would like us to make a new normal body type," she said. "I think we've gotten so used to underweight that when you are a normal weight, it's like, 'Oh, my God, she's curvy.' Which is crazy."

Victoria's Secret Restructures Business Model [Business of Fashion]
March sales that bested analysts' expectations have caused Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands to turn to a new strategy, which focuses on its three core categories with the greatest opportunity for growth; other merchandise categories will be eliminated. These three core categories include Victoria's Secret Lingerie, Pink and Victoria's Secret Beauty. L Brands hopes that the shift and narrowed focus will simplify the operating model.

The New York Times Names N.Y.'s Rich Kids the "Snap Pack" [The New York Times]
Thanks to reality television and the ubiquity of social media, the secret lives of America's wealthiest heirs and heiresses are not so secret anymore. But that doesn't mean they're any less, um, interesting. A new profile of New York's millennial-rich-kid scene (which includes a Kennedy, Henri Matisse's great-great-granddaughter and the spawn of a music producer named Jellybean Benitez) details their heavily filtered and shared life. Their over-the-top antics led writer Katherine Rosman to declare them the "Snap Pack" — 2016's equivalent of the Rat Packs and Brat Packs of the past.