Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Family's Reaction to 'mother!,' Talks Getting in Bar Fight

The actress was not in the best state, she admitted, when she stopped by 'Late Night With Seth Meyers': "I’ve never been this hungover at work. I wish I was in sweatpants."

During a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday night, mother! star Jennifer Lawrence revealed her family’s dismay over her new horror film and described an epic bar fight she got into in Budapest.

“I am morbidly hungover,” Lawrence admitted to Meyers, saying she had been drinking with her family and friends at the mother! premiere held the previous night.  

“My family came to town, a lot of my friends came to town and all my friends are alphas… So, yeah, we were just shouting each other last night,” Lawrence said. 

Lawrence said it’s rare for her whole family to go to one of her premieres, and this particular movie, with its extreme horror scenes, seemed like an "odd choice."

“It was an odd choice for me to have my entire family come just for this particular movie. It was a weird choice,” said Lawrence. “I warned them, and I wasn’t really wearing a bra a lot cause, you know, I’m like Mother Earth and my dad was sitting next to me and every time my dad would just go (gasps).”

“So the scariest element of this film was the outline of my nipple,” she joked.

When discussing the "disturbing" nature of her new film, Lawrence explained, “I feel like we’ve been calling it horror just to kind of prepare people.”

The film also stars Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer, someone whom Lawrence felt nervous around during filming, “It was fantastic, but I couldn’t talk to her for like three days,” the actress admitted, further adding, “And then I’d be like, ‘So what did you have for breakfast and what did you have for dinner last night? Do you take any vitamins?'”

Although she found Pfeiffer talented and a woman with eyes "the color of the Caribbean," Lawrence admitted she once spiked the actress' drink.

“I hope I don’t seem like an alcoholic,” quipped Lawrence. “I haven’t been drinking because I’ve been working every day. I’ve actually never worked in this state before. I’ve never been this hungover at work. I wish I was in sweatpants. This is awful.”

In light of the recent trailer release of her upcoming film, Red Sparrow, Lawrence also admitted that while filming in Budapest, she got into a bar fight.  

“That seems like a dangerous place to get into a bar fight,” said Meyers. “I mean for him,” Lawrence quickly replied.

Lawrence was having beer night with her "dream team," when a man approached her for a selfie. After declining, Lawrence says the man cursed at her, which caused her to snap.

“Something in me just snapped, but it couldn’t have been the alcohol,” joked Lawrence. Further narrating the moment, Lawrence recalled her aggression, “I grabbed him and I took beers and I started dowsing them all over him. Weirdly he had a suitcase, and I started pouring beers all over his suitcase. And then my friend Chris came up from behind me and he goes, ‘Don’t waste beer.’ I instantly relaxed. I was like, ‘Of course. What was I thinking?'" 

mother! is in theaters now.