Jennifer Lawrence Takes Over 'Kimmel': Halloween Prank, a Kardashian, Pedestrian Quiz

The Oscar winner and 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' superfan interviewed Kim Kardashian West on Thursday night's show.

The results of Jimmy Kimmel's annual prank, "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy," were revealed on Thursday's show, which Jennifer Lawrence guest-hosted and Kim Kardashian West appeared on.

The seventh annual video once again showed kids' reactions to being told that their parents ate all of their Halloween candy.

"Remember how we went trick-or-treating last night? Well guess what? Last night mommy and daddy ate all of [the candy]," one parent told her kids, who then proceeded to have a major meltdown. 

When another child is told, she said, "Spit it out! Spit it out of your tummy!" Some kids took it a step further, throwing things, flipping off their parents and even cursing. One kid retorted, "And that's why I don't love you."

Still other children were more understanding, with one sweetly telling their parent, "It's fine, that's ok. You can do whatever you want to."

Kimmel, despite not hosting the show this week and opting to have celebrities host instead, also joined in on the fun with his kids in a clip released Wednesday. 

To create her own fun segment for the show, Lawrence created a game titled, “5 Things with Jennifer Lawrence,” where she would ask people on the street to name five of her films.

“Simple if you have low enough self-esteem. The point was to put them on the spot and humiliate myself and guess what? Both happened,” Lawrence joked before introducing the segment. 

Asking people outside of the Live! studio, the actress was embarrassed to find many people were unable to name any of her films.

“I can’t name any with you in front of me!” one woman said, shocked to see the actress. After spotting a tour bus advertising her film, mother!, Lawrence directed a man to the poster and asked if he had seen that film, which he denied. “No? Do you know who Jennifer Lawrence is? This is the worst day of my life,” Lawrence joked to the camera.

Failing to find anyone, Lawrence began having fun with the visitors, sharing quips about herself.

“Do you smoke weed?” Lawrence asked one man, who admitted, “sometimes.” Continuing to press, Lawrence asked, “When you smoke weed, do you ever watch Jennifer Lawrence movies?”

The man admitted he didn’t, to which Lawrence retorted, “Cool, me either!”

Failing to recognize the star, one woman told Lawrence that if she asked her to name Jennifer Aniston films she could. “Jennifer Aniston is way better than Jennifer Lawrence,” Lawrence quipped, only for the woman to agree.

After providing clues to film titles, Lawrence was able to succeed in getting some people to name films American Hustle, Joy and The Hunger Games, whereas a gentleman recognized her as the “blue” one in X-Men. Lawrence also confronted a tour bus with questions, only to tell the passengers, “I see these vans drive by my neighborhood. If you see somebody in a Tesla giving you the middle finger, that’s me!”

Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo also couldn’t help but join in on the fun, successfully naming five of Lawrence’s films. 

“I’m so honored that you’re my biggest fan,” Lawrence told Guillermo. “Well, I love your movies, and I love you too,” Guillermo told Lawrence, only for the actress to respond, “Shut the f—k up.” 

Later in the show, Lawrence, who is a Keeping Up With the Kardashians superfan, had the opportunity to interview Kardashian West, who she referred to as "my utter obsession, our lord Jesus God Kim Kardashian" in her opening monologue.

Lawrence detailed a dinner she had recently at Kardashian West's house, in which she drunkenly danced with Kris Jenner. Kardashian West said she'd "never seen [her] mom so drunk before in [her] life." Lawrence also recalled how she got naked in Kardashian West's closet.

Lawrence came prepared with tons of questions for the reality star and mogul, including: do her and husband Kanye West fart in front of each other ("I don't fart, what are you talking about?" Kardashian West demurred); would she rather sleep with Kim Jong-un or Donald Trump (the reality star didn't choose); what is the weirdest thing Kanye does ("he falls asleep anywhere"); and more.

The Oscar winner also asked if Kardashian West, whose family has been connected to O.J. Simpson's for years (her father Robert Kardashian was a friend and attorney of Simpson's), if she's ever asked the ex-football star and one-time murder suspect if he killed his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. "I never really go there because I have so much respect for his children," the reality star responded.

The two also discussed Kardashian West's makeup line and Lawrence gave her fan art.