Jennifer Lawrence Wears Pizza-Stained Dolce & Gabbana Dress to Derby Party

Fund for the Arts Derbie - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Fund for the Arts, photo by Tim Harris

Someone skipped laundry day.

We all know the pain of running out of clean clothes. But apparently it doesn't faze famously fashion-chill Jennifer Lawrence.

The Red Sparrow actress took it to the next level on Saturday when she wore a pizza-stained dress during Derby Week in her native Kentucky — and it was classic J.Law.

She had to use her orange clutch to cover some red sauce remnants on a baby pink-and-gold, fitted Dolce & Gabbana dress while walking the orange carpet, laughing at herself all the way, of course.

Page Six reports that Lawrence originally forgot the dress in New York and had it flown to Kentucky on a private jet before discovering the stain.

Lawrence was playing bartender at the Churchill Downs racetrack for a pre-Derby party, serving up $2,500 mint juleps for charity (the big race is on May 5). 

In partnership with Woodford Reserve, proceeds from the event went to The Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund, benefiting the Greater Louisville community. She presented Linda Bruckheimer with the 2018 Award in the Arts.

Lawrence is known for being endearingly clumsy. She famously tripped on the hem of her Dior dress while accepting her Academy Award in 2013, and she rewore an outfit to Amy Schumer's wedding earlier this year. 

It's unlikely Dolce & Gabbana gave Lawrence a dress that was already dirty, so the real question is: What pizza party did J.Law attend and how do we get on that guest list?