Jennifer Lawrence's BFF Had Meltdown Before Oscars; Says Brad Pitt 'Smells Amazing'

Getty Images/Christopher Polk
Laura Simpson, left and Jennifer Lawrence

Laura Simpson pens a piece on Myspace, recounting the experience of attending her first Oscars, which included Brad Pitt's wonderful scent and mean red-carpet photographers.

When you're Jennifer Lawrence's best friend, you get invited to places, like, say, the Oscars. Her BFF, Laura Simpson, who attended Sunday's Academy Awards (and acted as Lawrence's support when the actress fell on the carpet), recounts her experience in a piece penned on Myspace. After reading the essay, we can see why the American Hustle star counts Simpson as her girl.

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In the essay, Simpson said she was torn between two dresses: "the Carrie Bradshaw all-you-can-eat dress and the Angelina Jolie sexy leg kimono." (She ended up choosing Carrie Bradshaw.) She also had a complete meltdown the night before, having "cried more in the 12 hours before the Oscars than I have in 10 years -- I was really getting into the drama of the evening."

She noted that red-carpet photographers are mean if you're not famous, Brad Pitt smells amazing and her look was "mage" (short for "major"), according to Lawrence's stylist, Rachel Zoe.

As far as how she met the actress, Simpson writes that she met the actress seven years ago when they both attended an event and hit it off over having mutual respect for Chandler Bing. Since then, they've been "eating pizza together ever since."