Jennifer Lopez: "I'm All About Women Speaking Up and Demanding What They Want"

"It's like we don’t have to mince words anymore. We found our voice, we’re being strong, we're standing up for ourselves," Lopez told THR.

Jennifer Lopez says the message of her song "El Anillo" is clear: Women are "goddesses" who should know their worth. The singer/actress sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the message behind her "El Anillo" music video and why she’s all about women demanding what they want. Plus, she teased the upcoming season of World of Dance and what she’ll miss most about her Shades of Blue character, Harlee Santos.

In her "El Anillo" music video, which translates to “The Ring,” Lopez is a literal queen whose love and devotion must be won over by potential suitors. “It was just symbolic of how we should look at ourselves, that we’re not just queens, we’re goddesses and people have to fight to be in your life. And you have to understand your worth and value,” she explained.

“I’m all about women speaking up and demanding what they want. I feel like that’s where the world is at right now…. It’s like we don’t have to mince words anymore. We found our voice, we’re being strong, we’re standing up for ourselves."

While Lopez is entering the next chapter of her career with new music, she’s closing another with the news that her NBC police drama Shades of Blue will be coming to an end after season three. Calling the final season “the most intense of the three,” Lopez explained the “bittersweet” feeling of leaving Harlee Santos behind.

“She, honestly, of all the movies and things I’ve done, is a character that has really kind of permeated my soul in a way that helped me grow and look at life differently and be stronger because she’s so much stronger and tougher than I am in any way, shape or form.”

She added, “It was just a pleasure. For an actress, it was a dream role. And I will miss her.”

From one show to the next, the superstar is also preparing for the season two premiere of NBC’s World of Dance. “The first season was so phenomenal and it so far exceeded all our of expectations that we were like, ‘Oh crap. Now we have to make it better this time.’”

“It was good because now everybody knew what the show was so we attracted a lot more talent than even the first year,” she said. “We all were more in our comfort zone and knew what we had to do.”

The second season of World of Dance premieres May 29 at 10 p.m. on NBC.