Jennifer Lopez's Nipple, Bradley Cooper's Moustache Join Angelina Jolie's Leg on Twitter

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UPDATE: An account for Lopez's areola and at least two for Cooper's facial hair joined Jolie's gam to gab on the social media site.

Jennifer Lopez’s nipple and Bradley Cooper’s moustache joined Angelina Jolie’s leg on Twitter Sunday night after making memorable appearances during the telecast. @JLosNipple, @CoopersMustache and @BradleysStache started tweeting during the ceremony and have since become outlets for reports from news organizations, combined with some tongue-in-cheek discussions about boobs and facial hair, respectively.


Although she later issued a press release insisting that she in fact did not inadvertently expose her areola while presenting the Best Makeup Academy Award, @JLosNipple is already the most prolific of the three accounts, with 85 tweets thus far. @AngiesRightLeg has attracted the most followers, with more than 12,000 and counting, while @CoopersMustache and @BradleysStache currently languish in comparative obscurity with only 12 and 30, respectively. (@JLosNipple has about 2,500 so far.)

Whether the three accounts will continue to attract followers (much less tweet content interesting enough for existing ones) remains to be seen. But Drake’s knee (@DrAkesKnee) and Alicia Keys’ zit (@mrz_swizz) have accounts that celebrate the performer that inspired them, so it’s entirely possible that they could all flourish, especially if Jolie’s left leg gets in on the action (Twitter fight!), or Lopez really does have a bona fide wardrobe malfunction.

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