Jennifer Lopez's Stylist Speaks Out on Her Supposed Wardrobe Malfunction

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"Jennifer's dress was custom made to fit her every curve," says Rob Zangredi, of the styling duo Rob and Mariel.

Much had been made -- on Twitter, on Facebook, on Gawker, etc -- of Jennifer Lopez's "nip slip" or wardrobe malfunction the Oscars. Did we really see her nipple when she was presenting Best Costume with Cameron Diaz? Could we see through her Zuhair Murad deco style sheer gown? What was really going on? And is it possible it was intentional? After all, La Lopez is not a modest shrinking violet.

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It's not like Lopez has not worn incredibly revealing clothes in the past. She eschewed a bra in a Chanel couture outfit at the Oscars in the nineties, and we all remember her floral Versace open chested dress at the Grammy's so many years ago.

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But Rob Zangardi -- one half of the Rob and Mariel styling team (Mariel Haenn and Zangardi also work with Rachel McAdams and have worked with Rihanna) -- tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement that everything everyone thinks they saw is mostly in their imagination. Unfortunately.

"Mariel and I personally zipped Jennifer into the dress, so we can assure you that it wasn't a 'slip,'" he says. "Jennifer's dress was custom made to fit her every curve. There were even cups sewn in. Sorry to dissapoint those who were hoping for a peep."

Is this a full denial? We would have to say it is. 

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