Jenny McCarthy Twitpic Shows Continued Air Travel Woes

Twitpic Via @JennyMcCarthy

Tweet shows airport ‘madness’ while director Duncan Jones howls online.

With snow and snowstorm recovery continuing across the country, entertainment industry folks are venting their travel woes on Twitter.

Actress Jenny McCarthy sent out a Twitpic Tuesday night showing a huge crowd at a baggage carousel. Her simple Twitter-statement: “Madness."

Moon director Duncan Jones Tweeted on Wednesday morning about his sad situation at one of New York's airports.

"JFK, why do you mock me so... Still at airport. Got here at 9:30am and will now be leaving at 4:30 this afternoon. Snooooow!!!!"

The snow wasn't all bad. Writer-director Judd Apatow wrote that he enjoyed his Utah storm under the comfort of his own roof.

"Snowed in in Utah spending the day watching every Flight of the Concords episode and every YouTube video. Downloading their records. Happy."