Jenny Slate Reveals She’s Expecting Her First Child

Jenny Slate attends the 2019 Webby Awards - Getty-H 2019
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The actress-comedian shared the news on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'

For the last nine months, Jenny Slate has been enjoying what she calls her “little secret treasure.”

On Thursday, the actress appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, revealing that she’s soon expecting her first child with fiancé Ben Shattuck.

At the start of the interview, Slate stood to reveal her baby bump to the camera.

“I just want to say, I think I baked too much or ate too much bread,” she joked. “You tell me, Seth.”

“That’s a lot of carbs,” Meyers laughed with her.

“How have the exact last nine months been?” Slate asked. “They’ve been real pregnant for me.”

In preparation for parenthood, Slate and Shattuck have been quarantining at their home in seaside Massachusetts.

“It’s very nice to have something that is incredibly positive during a time that’s hard and sad,” Slate said. “I’ve basically been just chilling out, doing exactly what I want to do … I haven’t worn pants in many moons.”

Slate, who recently appeared in Apple's On the Rocks, also revealed that her 1930s home is “most certainly haunted and has an actual pet cemetery,” which Slate visited every day at the start of the pandemic.

“That’s how a scary movie starts,” the comedian said. “A pregnant lady is like ‘my pets, my precious, precious pets.’”

As for her book Little Weirds, originally published in 2019, Slate is promoting her collection of personal essays once again, as it's now out in paperback and may resonate with readers more now than ever before.

“I wrote it during a time when I was kind of trying to work through sad feelings, and trying to figure out how to be alone in a way that didn’t feel scary or like a punishment,” she explained. “And it’s sometimes just hard to find a little bit of positivity in that. The book is all these little pieces about my feelings during those times.”

Watch the full interview below.