Jeremy Scott Hopes to Inspire With Documentary

Jeremy Scott and Stella Maxwell

"People tell us no all the time. It's what you do with that no without rejection that matters," said the designer at the 'Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer' premiere in New York.

A day after showing his spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott continued the fashion party (as usual) with the premiere of his documentary, Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer, at the Paris Theatre in Manhattan on Tuesday night.

The doc gives fans an insider's look at how Scott became one of the biggest designers in the industry, from visiting his childhood hometown in rural Missouri to following his journey of being named the creative director of Moschino and then presenting his debut collection for the Italian fashion house.

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While the film, directed by Vlad Yudin and produced by Yudin and Edwin Mejia, provides a more personal perspective to Scott's story, it was never really the intention.

"I honestly didn't think he was really just telling my personal story as much as I thought it was about my work," a shirtless Moschino-clad Scott told Pret-a-Reporter on the red carpet, where he was accompanied by model Stella Maxwell and embraced by the evening's attendees Paris and Nicky Hilton, Bella Thorne, Jessica Hart and Victoria Justice. "I kind of got caught up in it, and I was like, 'Oh we're this far,' like, 'Here's the farm I grew up on and here's this and here's that.' It's been interesting and cathartic to have my story told." 

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"People tell us no all the time. It's what you do with that no without rejection that matters," he continued. "If people can think, 'Hey, you didn't have it easy. Look at him today.' Then I think maybe it was worth baring my soul for that."

It's the moments in the film where Scott recalls being bullied in high school for being so-called different to traveling to Paris after college with little to no money (sometimes having to sleep in the metro because he couldn't afford housing) to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer that unveils the obstacles he's had to overcome.

But despite the hurdles, Scott's hustle has paid off. From creating Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance outfits to redesigning the Moonman for this year's MTV VMAs, the designer has had one hell of a year.

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"It's been magical. Each thing has just been a surreal moment, like I can't believe it's happening," said a wide-eye Scott, who cemented his hands in front of TCL Chinese Theatre with bestie Katy Perry last week. "These are dreams that are beyond the dreams I had, and I just feel so lucky to have these opportunities and blessed to have the support and so happy to share my story because hopefully it gives other people that feeling of 'I can do it.'"

As for sharing that historic moment with the pop star, he shared, "Honestly the first two minutes of the film, I kept [makes nervous gasps] and she just put her hand on my arm and be like, 'it's ok, it's ok,' and made it so much better. It's always better to do something with your best friend." Amen.

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Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer hits theaters Sept. 18.


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