At Jeremy Scott, Kylie Jenner Causes a Ruckus and Jesus Gets a Makeover

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/FilmMagic

This show had it all: showgirl-inspired headpieces, Elvis capes, feather boas and Goofy.

Jeremy Scott may have just out Jeremy Scott-ed himself.

The first hint that the designer had raised the bar this season came when moments before the show, a tarp was peeled off the runway to reveal a white shag catwalk. That, and the all-star front row, which included "It" girls from Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie to icon Debbie Harry. 

Here, the biggest takeaways from the fall 2017 presentation.

The Atmosphere.
Hot — literally and figuratively. Bright spotlights and hundreds of bodies made the room a toasty 80 degrees, but tempers of showgoers were also boiling. According to Fashionista editor Tyler McCall, Jenner’s arrival caused such a tizzy outside, with fans trying to catch a glimpse of the reality starlet as she exited, that seat-holders who arrived on time were unable to get into the venue. By the time the show started 45 minutes later, seat-fillers had already been called to fill in any empty spots and editors from fashion magazines including Glamour, Nylon, Teen Vogue and Refinery29 were ushered into a screening room to watch the live stream. Yikes.

The Front Row
Kylie Jenner, clad in a sparkly two-piece that was hand-picked for her by Scott, was seated next to Sofia Richie, who was also wearing an off-the-runway olive green parka with vibrant butterfly patches. The pair were, of course, mobbed by paparazzi and fans alike, with every Joe Schmo shoving their iPhone through the crowd in the hopes of snagging a photo. Rumors floated about that Jenner was filming an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, however it was difficult to distinguish which cameras belonged to which entity.

The teenage pair was flanked by the legendary Debbie Harry, as well as Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson. Other famous faces in attendance included DJs Mia Moretti and Leigh Lezark.

The Look
In true Scott form, the collection was inspired by '80s and '90s American pop culture — “As Seen on TV” logos were interspersed between images of Michael Jackson reimagined as Goofy a la The Goofy Movie. Technicolor Jesus motifs were done on shirt dresses, tees and a pair of velvet bell-bottom pants worn by Gigi Hadid in the opening look.


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Elvis inspiration was reflected in a white cape stamped with a gilded eagle, which was modeled by Anna Cleveland, as well as a silver, Saturday Night Fever-esque suit withe leopard-print sleeves. Vegas vibes were not subtle either, with a showgirl-style headpiece as well as a feather boa and crystal-studded aviator shades hitting the catwalk.

"I've been thinking a lot about how we worship celebrity, and how we have Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Jesus all on the same playing field. That is really the same situation that's happened to our politics, that we have elected a celebrity," Scott told NPR, referencing Donald Trump.

It's safe to say that the collection felt more luxe than seasons past, with leather, velvet and other richer textiles — some of which were embellished with jewels — replacing the knitwear and stretchy sequins he showed last September.