Jerry Lewis Hospitalized, Cancels Concert

Jerry Lewis - MDA Labor Day Telethon - 2009
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 85-year-old comedian was set to perform in Sydney on Friday, but was unable to take the stage due to his health.

Jerry Lewis was hospitalized on Friday before a scheduled concert in the suburbs of Sydney, the Associated Press reports.

Lewis' rep said that the 85-year-old comedian was "overtired" and was released shortly thereafter.

Lewis is currently on a tour for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia. The actor arrived at Rooty Hill Returned Servicemen's League club on Friday, where he was set to perform onstage but could not leave the car, according to a Rooty Hill employee.

The Sydney concert was sold out, but CEO David Jack issued a statement apologizing for the unforeseen cancellation explaining that Lewis was unable "to take the stage" due to his health.

Lewis' rep said that he stayed at the hospital for about three hours before heading back to his hotel.

Lewis serves as the chairman of the U.S. Muscular Dystrophy Association. He recently announced that he would no longer be hosting the Labor Day telethons.

Best known for his slapstick comedy, Lewis and Rat Packer Dean Martin formed the comedy duo Martin and Lewis in the 1940s, appearing in several big-screen films.