Jerry Seinfeld Debuts First Look at Ellen DeGeneres' 'Comedians in Cars' Episode

With the next season of the series set to stream later this year, the comedian and daytime host recalled funny moments they had on their caffeinated excursion.

Jerry Seinfeld made his first appearance Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he debuted a first look at a new episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, set to stream on Netflix later this year.

DeGeneres is to appear in an episode of the roving talk show, where she joins Seinfeld in a car and they chat, while getting coffee. In the clip aired on DeGeneres' show, Seinfeld is struggling to locate his car keys, before DeGeneres reveals she hid them to teach him a lesson, scolding him for leaving the keys in the car.

The pair also discussed other funny moments they had while filming in Montecito, Calif., where DeGeneres lives. “On my show I like to tell people what to do. They tell me what’s going on in their life and I go, ‘Well I’ll tell you what I think you should do,'” Seinfeld began explaining of his typical conversations with his comedian guests.  

When DeGeneres and Seinfeld got into a discussion over her wife, Portia de Rossi, wanting to purchase a horse, Seinfeld explained that, unlike his other guests, DeGeneres did not want his advice. “And I said to you, ‘Would you like my advice about Portia getting another horse?’ and Ellen did not want my advice, but she was trying to be nice, so she went, ‘Eh, yeah OK,'” Seinfeld joked.

DeGeneres then recalled the awkward dining experience she and Seinfeld had at her favorite restaurant — every table was pushed away from their center table, leaving other guests to watch and listen to their conversation like they were a “live dinner play.”

DeGeneres then admitted her shock to Seinfeld about how much coffee he drinks while filming the show. “I thought it was just the title of the show.… Oh my God, the amount of coffee you drink is not good for you,” DeGeneres told Seinfeld. “He never stopped drinking coffee, and we were there hours and you never peed, never got up and you sleep at night."

“It has a unique quality, I think, in conversation, coffee makes people kinda warm up to each other,” Seinfeld explained of his new obsession, only for DeGeneres to quip, “I think tequila’s better for that.”