Jerry Seinfeld Realizes Only Other Comic Who Could Have Portrayed Kramer

The actor and comedian explained to Howard Stern why his latest stand-up special is likely his last.

Jerry Seinfeld is likely done with stand-up specials.

The comic and actor told Howard Stern on Wednesday there is a good chance his new Netflix special, 23 Hours to Kill, may be his swan song, explaining that he always felt less was more.

"I already have the material to do another special, but I always like to give a little less than you really want," Seinfeld told Stern. "If you look back at all the stuff I have ever done — like the TV series, we could have done one, two, three more years. The reason people still love that show is we didn't wear it out."

Stern acknowledged what Seinfeld was saying but argued that it was sad fans wouldn't get to hear his observations on the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"I mean, I could," the comic responded, sharing some of his thoughts on the current state of the world. "When you're in a stressful situation — personally, or in this case globally — you must always zoom out." Seinfeld compared the impact of the virus on the world to an ant that had its hill kicked over by a kid. "You go, 'All right. Well, let's get back to work.' We have got to keep going."

While talking about some of his comic idols, Stern assumed that Seinfeld was not a fan of the late Andy Kaufman since his work was more performance art, not purely stand-up. "I worshipped Andy Kaufman," Seinfeld replied, adding that comedy is like music and people can enjoy different genres.

Stern said he believed Kaufman could have been part of the main cast of Seinfeld, not just a guest on an episode or two, which is when the comedian had an epiphany.

"You know, it's funny that you say that, because Michael Richards is one of those parts where you could never cast somebody else, but now that you mention it, Andy could have pulled off Kramer," Seinfeld said. "He is the only other name I have ever heard, now that you mention it, who could have pulled off Kramer. That's interesting."