Even Jerry Springer Thinks Donald Trump's Campaign Is Getting Too Outrageous

Jerry Springer-Getty-H 2016
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

"I don't believe he is evil, that this is all a show, but the fact that he plays it as a show shows a disrespect for the country," says the talk show host.

Donald Trump may be putting on a show people can't look away from, but that doesn't mean he should be president of the United States, said Jerry Springer.

In a Friday interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Springer, host of maybe the most outrageous talk show ever and a former politician, said he knows Trump personally and he likes the man, but his fellow TV personality has zero business in the White House.

"For us, it's entertainment right now, but good Lord, this is serious," stressed Springer. "Donald's an entertainer ... he has no knowledge or the temperament or the understanding of the decisions you have to make [to be president]."

Springer knows all about being an entertainer, as he has been putting on his program, The Jerry Springer Show, for the past 25 years; a pop culture phenomenon, the outlandish "talk show" has made audiences wince, but they just can't look away from the train wreck onstage. Springer also hosts a weekly podcast, on which he talks politics.

Trump, whether he means to, is also putting on an "outrageous show," said Springer, and audiences just can't look away. But, in Trump's case, that's a problem, he added.

"He's viewing it as a television show: What are the ratings? How am I doing?" said Springer. "I don't believe he is evil, that this is all a show, but the fact that he plays it as a show shows a disrespect for the country."

Springer, who served as the mayor of Cincinnati years ago before going into showbiz, said, "Donald Trump was inevitable, and none of us saw it coming, and we should have."

A generation has been raised to believe government is evil and dishonest, said Springer, so it only makes sense that, sooner or later, people would yearn for someone outside of the system.

"Well, in America, the only two fields you can be widely known in if you're not a politician is either sports or entertainment. Athletes are too young to run for president, so obviously it would have to come from the field of entertainment," said Springer. "Did we know it was going to be Trump? Of course not. But we should have seen that it was going to be an entertainer who hated the American government and disrespected Washington and the president."

He continued, "We've never had a major-party candidate run against the idea of America. He wants to replace the symbol of the Statue of Liberty with that of a wall and barbed wire."

Springer said he is a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.

"I don't think we've ever had someone more knowledgable about how the country works, about how the world works," he said.

With his final thought, Springer stressed that he has nothing personal against Trump, and if the two men were sitting together in a room, he would say, "Great guy, but honestly, Donald, you shouldn't be president."