'Jersey Shore:' 10 Best Quotes from the Premiere

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The first episode of the MTV juggernaut's Season 4 aired Thursday.

The premiere episode of Jersey Shore's Season 4 premiered last night, and the MTV reality show scored it's highest-rated opener yet with 8.8 million viewers. 

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Here are the 10 best quotes from the hour-long episode's stars, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio, Sammi "Sweatheart"  Giancola, Jenni "J-Woww" Farley and Dena Nicole Cortese.

1. It comes as no shock that Snooki starts the show off with a doozy. Before the credits even roll, the pint-sized guidette delivered this pearl of wisdom: "Italy’s like that big country. Er, no, Europe is that big country. And then you have like Britain in there and England and Italy."

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2. Next we have Dena, who delivers her expectations for the cross-Atlantic trip. "In Italy I’m expecting bring a guy home, but I won’t do sex. You know, maybe just like figure them out and then maybe do sex later."

3. The Situation is known to coin a few phrases and then use them repeatedly over the course of the season. Look out for this one, he said it a few different times during the episode: "Lock up your daughters, handcuff your wives, The Situation’s taking over the Italian nation."

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4. Vinny, the baby of the group, emerged as a ladies man in Season 2, and he's been dedicated to keeping that reputation alive ever since. When asked by his family what is the first thing he plans to do in Italy, Vinny jokingly relies: "I’m gonna find out the age of consent."

5. It wouldn't be G.T.L. without the T. But, the cast has gotten much more skin-friendly since their Season 1 tanning-bed days. It's all about the spray tan and bronzer for the girls, though J-Woww runs into a bit of a problem when one of her bronzers explodes at the airport. "I am down a can of bronzer," she laments. "I only have about 8 cans left and in my world that’ll last about 10 days." 

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6. Prior to filming in Italy, most of the cast had never been. Vinny included. So, after arriving at the house, he took some time to explore, and after finding a bidet toilet in the bathroom, the college grad explains its purpose to viewers: "So, a bidet is very European. It’s a way of cleaning your butt hole after you go to the bathroom. It feels kinda good too. On a lonely night, ya know?" 

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7. It wasn't possible that Snooki would only have one quote worth repeating in an hour. A group of aggressive birds go after the girls while they're sitting on their patio and Snooki breaks down Italy's avian situation for viewers, saying: "These pigeons are ruthless in Italy. They will attack you and they will bite your ears off. I feel like they just don’t like you and they just wanna eat your food."

8. Pauly D isn't known for saying much more than "The Cabs Are Here" ("Taxi sono qui" in Italian), but in episode one, he has a choice comment about Snooki's exercise moves: "I don’t know where Snooki got these workouts from. It looks like she’s having sex with herself."

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9. The cast's newest member, "blast in a glass" Dena Nicole, who joined last season is known for her trademark dance move. And, viewers didn't even have to wait a full episode to find out if it was making the jump across the pond. Dena revealed her plans to introduce it to Italy on the group's first night out, saying, "I’m so excited to go out tonight. I just want to dance my ass off. I wanna do the Jersey Turnpike all over the place and I want to make out with people."

10. For his second notable quote of the night, Pauly D took to commenting on his roommate's revealing going-out getup, observing, "If Dena’s boobies could talk they would say ‘I’m a good time. I’m a glass in a bra."