'Jersey Shore' Castmembers on Having Hardly Changed, How Next Season Will Be Different

'Jersey Shore' cast members meet 'Geordie Shore' in London - H 2018
Courtesy of MTV

Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D in London talk about 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation,' what it was like meeting castmembers from the MTV U.K. hit show 'Geordie Shore' and a potential crossover.

Castmembers of Jersey Shore Family Vacation came to London during the week of the MTV show's U.S. premiere to meet the cast of MTV U.K.'s local hit version of the series, Geordie Shore, and share thoughts on how much, or rather how little, they have changed over the years and why they still draw fans with their antics.

Ahead of the show's U.K. on-air debut on Monday, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio also told The Hollywood Reporter about plans for next season, given the show's renewal ahead of its launch. 

"It was like we didn’t skip a beat," Snooki said. "Even though we’re older now, we are still hot messes." Has anything changed since the show's original run ended? “Nothing has changed," she said. "None of us have changed. When we get together, we have this energy about us where we just want to have a good time and don’t care and just go crazy. Obviously, I’m not going out looking for guys anymore, I’m not being promiscuous anymore, because I have a family and am content with that. But I am still going out and getting drunk and being stupid."

What can fans expect from the return of the crew? "What you can expect is exactly what you have missed — the chemistry we have and we always had is still there," said Pauly D. "We went a bit harder this time, because we missed each other so much. And it was a vacation, it was Miami. Everybody has lives now, they have families, so this was a vacation from that. So it’s what you know and love, but times 10."

JWoww echoed that sentiment: "We wanted to be together so bad that we pushed for the show. This is by far the best season, because there was no warm-up period. It was just right in, now let’s get blacked out. Before, it would take a couple of days to get into a routine."

Given everyone is a few years older, the castmembers said they still found the energy to party. "I just think we are all surprised at the fact that we can still go hard and go crazy," said Snooki. "Going in, we were like, ‘How are we going to party now?’ We’re older now, the hangovers are worse. But we just kept it going."

What the crew is looking forward to seeing as the episodes air is what new catchphrases have joined old favorites like "GTL" (Gym, Tan, Laundry). "That’s our holy grail," JWoww said about GTL. "But the thing with us is we just say things to say it. We don’t know what’s going on air. We said a ton of new things, but we don’t actually know. For example, 'spiral' — we have 'Spiral Squad.' Which is basically spiraling out of control. We had thousands."

Asked about the reasons for the franchise's longevity, Pauly D told THR: "It’s good TV. It’s relatable. Everybody watches the show, because they can sort of live it through us as well. And then there is drama, too. People love drama, and we have a lot of us."

He added: "We are ourselves, and that just works, it comes off as real. The fake stuff only lasts for so long, and the people can spot that right away.”

The Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore castmembers said they immediately clicked, with some of the former saying they grew up watching the Jersey original religiously.

"When I was 21, I watched Jersey Shore, and I loved it," Sophie Kasaei told THR. "I was, like, obsessed. When I went to Geordie Shore, I didn’t really know what to expect, because I thought nobody would ever watch Geordie Shore, because it’s from a little town in the U.K. When we first went in, we didn’t have a clue."

Said Geordie's Sam Gowland: "What we’re doing now we wouldn’t be doing without them, because they were the first and original Shore.”

Added Nathan Henry: "This is the first time we have met. It’s amazing, they are just exactly like us — just American. I grew up watching Jersey Shore. It’s massive to see these guys come back. These are the originals. We kind of owe our jobs to them."

"They are great," Snooki, meanwhile, said about her English colleagues from Newcastle. "They’re awesome." Has she ever been to the Geordie Shore? "I have never been, it's my first time in England," she said. "It’s gloomier than I thought, but everyone’s very nice. It’s not like New York and [New] Jersey where no one gives a shit about anybody."

Snooki called being away from her husband and two kids "the worst part" of filming the show. "I kept having to tell myself I am working for them, this is all for them, and I am also having my vacation that I never have," she said. "I am a 24-hour mom at home. So this is my time to have fun. I don’t have any responsibility here, I don’t have to change a diaper, I don’t have to wake up at 7 to bring my son to school. This is my time to just wake up and have a drink and enjoy myself with my friends. But the mom guilt was definitely there."

The castmembers of the two MTV hit series were also expressing hope for a show that would bring both together.  

"I am hoping we can get both the Shores put together — Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore," Chloe Ferry of Geordie fame told THR. "That’s what everyone wants."

"Everybody would watch that," agreed Pauly D. "I want to show them Jersey."

Added Chloe: "We’ll show you Newcastle."

"We already want a crossover show," echoed JWoww. "We're going to get wasted tonight. I want to record it, so we can sell it to MTV."

Where would she want a crossover to be filmed? "We’ll find a neutral spot for us to go to for 10 days straight, fuck up shit and go home," said JWoww. "Greece," suggested Sophie. "Oh, my God, Ibiza would be fun." Added JWoww: "Amsterdam."

Next up though is more work on the U.S. show. "We start season two soon," said JWoww. And what can fans expect from that? "It is going to film a bit of our lives outside the [show], and then we’ll come together and do some trips," Pauly D told THR. "I don’t know where yet. I know they are going to film some of my DJ gigs, so people can see that side of me, which is dope."