'Jersey Shore' Cast Says Goodbye with Series Finale, Recalls Favorite Memories

Jersey Shore Season 6 Screening Cast - H 2012
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Jersey Shore Season 6 Screening Cast - H 2012

JWOWW says her tanning bronzer was running down her chest from crying in the last episode, while Mike Sorrentino acknowledges that the show has helped him recover from substance abuse.

It’s time to say goodbye to meatballs, GTL and the infamous smush room.

After six seasons, Jersey Shore’s series finale airs Thursday on MTV, with the cast saying their final farewell in a live reunion special to be broadcast after the episode.

But before saying goodbye, the entire cast (minus Vinny Guadagnino, who was recovering from being ill) gathered for a press event at the London West Hollywood Hotel on Tuesday to talk about the conclusion of their hit reality show.

While audiences can expect plenty of fist-pumping, there will also be a lot of tears and running mascara during and after the final episode.

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“I’m afraid of watching it live before the reunion because we’re going live and we’re all going to cry and be on stage. Bloodshot eyes, mascara, eyeliner running down like, ‘oh my god,’ because I cried in the last episode,” says Jenni “JWOWW” Farley. “My tanning bronzer was running down my chest, stained my shirt -- that's how bad it was.”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, JWOWW’s maid of honor in her upcoming wedding to Roger Mathews, adds, “She cried so bad, she had to take her eyelashes off.”

Thinking about memories from the series, Snooki notes, “I don’t have a favorite moment, but I just love the fact that us being ourselves and coming back for six seasons, the fans just loved us and they loved us. They loved us as friends and family, and the opportunities we’re given. I just love the fact that the fans made this happen.”

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Although the “mommy meatball” appreciates all that has happened since her first summer in the Seaside Heights home, there's one thing she won't miss about the Shore house: the odor.

“It smelled bad. Upstairs smelled like urine,” Snooki reveals. “It’s like a shore house. When you think of a shore house, you think of drinking. It’s not a clean place.”               

Pauly D agrees: “I won’t miss how messy they are. I mean, I’m OCD with everything, and they keep the house disgusting. I definitely won’t miss the bathroom, and I won’t miss the kitchen.”

While Pauly D says that all the most outrageous moments of filming have made it to broadcast, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola disagrees.

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“Oh, there’s plenty of moments that didn’t even get to air,” recalls Sammi. “The guys are actually really funny and disgusting. Like there are so many moments that I wish they just put on TV that were so funny. A lot of pranks.”

Adds longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend Ronnie Magro, “A lot of times when the guys brought girls home, they’d make fun of the girls. Like they wouldn’t show it, but it was funny stuff.”

As to whether or not the on-air couple will have a show following their current living situation (the duo cohabit in New York) and a potential future, Sammi tells THR, “We don’t know about a reality show, but there should be a reality show, because the things we go through are hysterical.”

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Recalling her own drunken antics, Deena Cortese admits, “Honestly, all my crazy moments, for some crazy reason, always aired. Probably because they’re freaking ridiculous.”

While the rest of the Shore house may have spent a significant amount of time under the influence of alcohol (except, of course, for pregnant Snooki), this season saw a sober Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for the very first time. He tells reporters that filming the show has helped him towards recovery from substance abuse.

“This entire series has been very, very important to me. You know it helped me recover [from] a point in my life when it was -- I was taking some fire, taking in some heavy fire,” says Mike. “And I would have to say this show, you know, the cast mates and the people that work with the show, everybody’s been together to help me in a moment when support is key. I’ll never forget that.”

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He concludes, “You know, now that the show is over, and you guys are going to see the last episode, I can’t describe how things and obstacles...were in the way. Now that everything is over and accomplished, it [brings] a smile to my face.”

Jersey Shore’s series finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on MTV.