'Jersey Shore' Faces Controversy in Italy

Courtesy of MTV Networks

As the MTV reality show plans to tape season four in the country, newspapers criticize the show.

Jersey Shore has started airing in Italy -- ahead of plans to tape the MTV reality show there in its next and fourth season.

And the Italians are no fans.

"They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized," columnist Roberto Del Bove wrote in the Rome newspaper New Notzie, according to the New York Post.

Rome newspaper Corriere della Sera explained the show: "Slicked hair, exaggerated narcissism…. outlandish eccentricity."

A preview clip of the show posted on the MTV Italia Web page attracted nasty comments.

"When I see this, I wonder whether [Osama] Bin Laden had a point," wrote one, referring to his involvement in 9/11.

Italian-American groups have criticized the show domestically as well.

Season 3's finale aired to record ratings last week.