'Jersey Shore' Finale's 5 Craziest Moments

Courtesy of MTV Networks

As the cast prepares to tape season four in Italy, see how the third season wrapped up.

MTV aired the season three finale of The Jersey Shore Thursday night. Below, the 5 craziest moments. Next stop for the rowdy reality stars: Italy, where they'll tape season four.

1. Snooki and Vinny have a growing connection.
Snooki calls Vinny her "snuggle partner" -- but it appears their relationship is heating up. "A future for me and Snooki? Yeah, maybe, who knows," Vinny teases.

2. Ronnie and Sammi feud.
The on-again/off-again couple get in a blowout fight after Ronnie learns Sammi made out with their mutual friend Arvin. They storm around the house screaming at each other. "My heart is broken at this point, honestly," he says. She concurs, "There is no Sam and Ronnie right now, I’m alone. It’s not a good feeling."

3. The group goes to Karma - and Snooki brings home a random guy.
Snooki and Vinny don't hook up this season -- but she brings home a random "Vinny lookalike" from their favorite nightclub.

4. JWoww falls in love.
While the rest of her housemates feud and create drama, JWoww realizes she's in love with her boyfriend, Roger. "For me, I left this scumbag of a boyfriend, I found somebody new and I had the best summer of my life," she gushes to cameras.

5. They all declare it was the best summer ever.
Says Pauly D: "There’s still some unfinished drama, but it’s been the best summer of my life and I’ve had blast." Snooki says, "I'm going to miss Jenni the most [while away from the shore]. She’s my boo-boo."