'Jersey Shore' Gets Canadian Companion Talk Show

Jeff Daly/MTV/PictureGroup

MTV Live co-host Sheena Snively and her family will dissect the hissy fits and hook-ups from recent episodes of the popular U.S. reality show.

TORONTO – Bell Media is doubling down on Jersey Shore.

The Canadian broadcaster has added its own companion pre-show, Jersey Shore at Sheena’s House, from the creators of the popular The Hills: The After Show series.

The made-in-Canada talker produced in-house at MTV Canada features MTV Live co-host Sheena Snively and her family picking apart past episodes of Jersey Shore, which is a break-out hit on MTV Canada.

Jersey Shore at Sheena’s House will debut January 5, just before the fifth season premiere of the popular U.S. reality series.

MTV Canada earlier produced The Hills: The After Show, hosted by Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, to dissect the popular MTV reality series after each episode.

MTV Canada producing Canadian companion talk shows for popular U.S.-based MTV reality shows fits into the domestic channel’s original all-talk programming format.

The CRTC, the country’s TV watchdog, last year took MTV Canada to task for apparently veering off that original programming mandate by airing an American show full of on-screen hissy fits and hook-ups by Snooki and her housemates.

Bell Media told the CRTC that Jersey Shore helped young Canadians take to social media sites and MTV Canada's show page to talk about the series and their own lives.

Whether Jersey Shore at Sheena’s House can engage those same young Canadians may well depend on the performance of Sheena Snively’s parents, husband, sister and assorted in-laws who will weigh in on the no-holds-barred Canadian companion talk show.

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