How to Create the Perfect 'Jersey Shore'-Inspired Halloween Costume (Video)

The stars of MTV’s hit reality series evaluate fans’ store bought options and suggest the must-have essentials for a perfect GTL getup.

Hoping to transform your Halloween fete into a rager worthy of Seaside Heights, New Jersey?

The stars of MTV’s Jersey Shore tell The Hollywood Reporter how to dress like the perfect guido or guidette this Oct. 31, whether you want to go the store-bought route or craft your own homemade version.

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“Having a Halloween costume named after yourself is pretty freaking cool,” says Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, whose likeness is available for purchase at various costume retailers.

Evaluating his doppelganger on the package, complete with faux abs, Sitch emphasizes the importance of pointing to the abs and suggests that partygoers add some shades to complete the look. “He’s even got a fake chain, so he’s good,” he adds to laughs from his co-stars.

Though Pauly D was at first turned off by the idea of becoming a Halloween character (“Am I scary?” he asks), the DJ admits that it’s pretty “dope” to see himself in costume form.

But buyers beware: Pauly doesn’t think the costume’s muscle mass is quite up to snuff. And in addition to the blowout, hair gel, tanner, muscles and turntables, Pauly D impersonators should also remember to bring both “the shirt” and “the shirt before the shirt” for a mid-party swap. After all, it is all about the details.

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Where the ladies are concerned, it seems only too obvious to pair that Snooki pouf wig with a baby bump or, hey, even an actual baby (though we’d suggest a life-like baby doll instead of a real, live human). 

There is a female costume available in stores, though it doesn’t appear specific to one personality. The white, halter-top dress comes with fake breasts (Jenni Farley, anyone?), but the ladies of the shore have some other suggestions in mind.

Speaking with THR via phone, JWOWW broke down the necessary keys to creating a Jerseylicious look: big eyelashes, bronzer and Aquanet hairspray.

“The less clothes the better,” she adds for the ladies, noting that the clothing should “look like it came off an animal -- but not real.” And for the men: “the tighter clothes the better.”

But if animal print isn’t your thing, Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese suggest trying black or pink wardrobe options, as well. “Just really doll yourself up,” says Deena.

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