'Jersey Shore': Top 10 Quotes from Italy's Episode 4


The hit MTV reality show provided lots of roommate drama in its fourth installment.

The fourth episode of MTV’s reality ratings juggernaut Jersey Shore saw a lot of tension amongst the roommates in their Italian digs. Deena Nicole got into a fight with Vinny and Pauly D, while an argument between Sammi and Ronnie turned into a full-on brawl for The Situation and Ron.

Here are the top 10 quotes from the fight-filled episode 4.

1. “ The truth is me and Deena did tag team a girl, but robbing is not team work. It’s called ‘tag team’ not ‘tag rob.’ It wasn’t a good tag team.” Vinny, on Deena taking twin Erica from his bed back to her own and then later sending her back to Vinny’s bed again.

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2.  “I’m an individual.” Erica,, responding to The Situation, who’d woken her up to say her twin, Brittany, had left the Jersey Shore house to go home.

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3. “Lez be honest,” Pauly D, teasing Deena for her “lesbian” experience.

4. “The girls with their hats, they looked like the Kentucky Derby f—cked the Easter Bunny.” The Situation, on the girls all sporting large floppy hats for their weekly ‘Sunday Dinner.’

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5. “Deena has a criminal record of cock-blocking now. This is a serious offence and is gonna be on her record for at least seven years.” The Situation, on Deena “robbing” Erica from Vinny’s bed.

6. “I don’t speak Italian fluently, but there is an international language of love,” Vinny on thinking an Italian girl at the club wanted to hook up (he found out moments later that was not the case).

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7. “I told you, I don’t put p—sy on a pedestal, I put it on the couch and the floor, exactly where it f—king goes. Same place I smash it.” Ronnie, discussing his philosophy on girls on the phone with his friend TJ after getting in a fight with Sammi.

8. “I always got a backup plan for my backup plan,” The Situation on calling Britney after the girls he brought home from the club weren’t ‘DTF’.

9.  “I’m about to get real f—cking gully,” Ronnie, on going after The Situation for spreading rumors to Sammi which caused a fight.

10. “You wanna hit me? Let’s do it!” The Situation challenging Ronnie after the roommate confronted him about “playing both sides.”