Jessica Biel Needs a High-Fashion Makeover: Sartorial Advice for the 'Total Recall' Star

Jessica Biel Total Recall Premiere - P 2012
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Jessica Biel Total Recall Premiere - P 2012

The future Mrs. Justin Timberlake should to stop gilding the lily and adopt a simpler style that suits her fit figure and luxurious hair.

Jessica Biel is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she's never really figured out how to dress to her looks.

She's worn dresses with big bows in front and other busy frocks -- when she should just accentuate her body and her gorgeous hair. In the photos we've seen, she looks way better in pants and a sweater or blazer than all the gowns and fussy dresses she chooses.

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We read recently that her fiance' Justin Timberlake offers her sartorial advice. Of course, you want to please your squeeze, but we're surprised at Justin, too. The looks we've seen her in this week for the Total Recall red carpets continued to be over the top. They distracted from her amazing face, and they did not work with her long locks, with gradient blonde and heavy bangs.

Her aesthetic really recalls the sixties -- Jane Asher, Jane Birkin, Jean Shrimpton. We'd love to see Biel in some form-fitting Alexander McQueen, a slinky sophisticated peplum dresses by Givenchy or even some of the chic simple black dresses that Jennifer Aniston wears. They may be predictable, but Aniston always looks sexy with that fabulous figure. You can't even see Biel's body in her choices. What a waste of a great physique, right? Her hair looks great, and she needs clothes to match. Sleek.

The green print bijoux print dress Biel recently wore on Good Morning America is a fall Oscar de la Renta. It's a nice dress -- but way too busy and loud for TV. It's also got a flared skirt which makes her look like a schoolgirl. The white Elie Saab couture dress she wore (with red nail polish) to the New York Recall premiere had a matching coat. She looked a little like a snow princess. If you're going to have that much white fabric mired around you, put your hair back or up like a ballerina. There's an equation she's missing: tight dresses goes with loose hair and loose dresses belong with pulled up hair. You can't have all this volume going on. It just buries her face.

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Of course, there is no bad Dior couture -- particularly any piece from Raf Simons' new collection. This pink strapless tea gown she wore to the L.A. premier is a stunner, but all the jewelry just kills it. It was shown stark on the runway, with simple clear red lipstick.

With her hair back on this dress, Biel would have been Grace Kelly. With all this going on, she's a bit more Katy Perry.