Jessica Biel Goes Rebel Chic at 'Total Recall's' New York Premiere

Jessica Biel Total Recall Premiere - P 2012
Michael N. Todaro/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Jessica Biel Total Recall Premiere - P 2012

The Columbia Pictures remake of the 1990 hit screened in Manhattan before a party at hotspot No. 8 on Thursday.

Total Recall headed back to earth and to the streets of New York for a premiere of Columbia Pictures’ remake of the popular 1990s title on Thursday night. InStyle and The Peggy Siegal company hosted a special screening of the futuristic film followed by a party at new NYC hotspot No. 8.

The original Total Recall took place on Mars, but Len Wiseman’s version brings Philip K. Dick’s original story back to earth for a hard-core action-packed blockbuster.

The film’s star Jessica Biel traded her dark rebel fighter costume for a summer Elie Saab dress to make a brief appearance at Clearview Chelsea Cinema’s red carpet before the show.

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Biel plays Melina, a butt-kicking rebel fighter from Colin Farrell’s character Douglas Quaid’s past. Biel is known for being in good shape all year long, but still had to prepare physically for the intense role.

“We did loads of different martial arts training. We did kickboxing, boxing, hardcore training and then some regular weight training just to keep the body in crystal condition,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. She added: “My favorite part was probably the fight sequences and all of the wirework that we got to do. It’s something that you obviously don’t do in your normal life so it’s really fun.”

Even Biel’s normal life?

“No!” the actress promises, “Only at work!”

While she did enjoy the physical challenges of production, Biel said that she’s relieved to be off of the training mat as the film hits theaters.

“You have to take a break otherwise you’ll go a little bit crazy,” she said.

Despite the Manhattan heat, talents came out to see Biel flex her muscles in the film including Vivica A. Fox, TV personality Phillip Bloch, REM’s Michael Stipe, actress Chanel Farrell, Smash star Jaime Cepero and MTV’s Lenay Dunn.

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“I’m so happy when I see girl power alive in films where they’re kicking butt, handling guns, doing stunts,” Fox told THR of Beckinsale and Biel’s characters, aka “two fabulous leading women kicking butt.” Fox said she’s a “huge fan” of Biel, Beckinsale and the film’s leading man Farrell. Fox added: “Girl power is alive and well in Hollywood. They know that the girls can open a film and carry a film and that the guys can enjoy seeing them in their tight leather pants kicking ass.”

Fox talked about her new role as a “sexy cougar teacher” in upcoming TV show Mr. Box Office, a first run situation comedy from Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios that will launch later this year.

She’s excited about the project, but confessed her real fantasy: “I’d love to do an action film with Brad Pitt and Will Smith. How about they let the girl have two boys?”

Red Bulls flowed freely at the afterparty, but they weren’t needed after the adrenaline rush of the high-intensity film from Wiseman that stars Farrell, Biel, Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston and hits theaters on Friday.