Jessica Chastain Journeys to Paint Sitting Bull in 'Woman Walks Ahead' (Exclusive Clip)

In the drama, the actress plays Catherine Weldon, a widowed artist that travels to North Dakota in pursuit of painting a portrait of Native American leader Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes).

Jessica Chastain is embarking on a new adventure in The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive first look at Woman Walks Ahead

In the clip, the actress plays Catherine Weldon, an American widowed artist from New York that travels alone via train to North Dakota in pursuit of painting a portrait of Chief Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes). After finding herself in the middle of nowhere, without any way to transport herself to the chief, Weldon soon comes across a Native American on his horse. 

“Do you know somewhere I can hire a wagon?” she asks the man, who in turns ignore her, seemingly unable to understand. Though she is unable to determine whether he is a friend or foe, the Native American soon turns around and hitches her bags (filled with clothes and her painting supplies) to his horse. 

“This is really very kind of you,” Weldon says, surprised he is willing to help her. After trying to spark small talk, he then rides off without her, leaving Weldon to run after him before being stranded again. 

The Native American drama from A24 and DirecTV is based on a true story about Weldon (Chastain) and chronicles her endeavor to paint the renowned Native American chief, Sitting Bull. Her arrival is met with open hostility by a U.S. Army officer (Sam Rockwell), which in turns causes tension between the artist and the townspeople. 

Susanna White directed the 19th century period drama from a screenplay by Steven Knight. Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick, Andrea Calderwood, Erika Olde and Richard Solomon are the film’s producers. 

Woman Walks Ahead is available exclusively on DirecTV; it will hit theaters June 29.