Jessica Chastain's New Bangs: Hairstylist Says Star Was 'Ready to Cut'

Stars, they're just like us -- they get tired of their hair, too.

Jessica Chastain debuted her new bangs Saturday, posting a photo of the Brigitte Bardot-inspired cut on her Instagram account, with the hashtag "#iloveitsomuch." We loved it so much, too, that we called up the man behind her new bangs -- celebrity hair genius Renato Campora.

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Campora -- who has worked with Katy Perry, Jennifer Connelly and Kate Winslet -- says he met up with Chastain about a year ago, when she already had been considering a new look but didn't feel quite ready. At least, not until this past weekend. "She called me Friday and said, 'I'm ready to cut. I'm ready to go ahead and change my look,' " Campora tells Pret-a-Reporter. "It’s quite modern. Very refreshing. She looked fantastic. She was so excited."

After giving the actress' hair a slight chop, he applied Kerastase Mousse Bouffante on her damp hair to build up a foundation and then used Kerastase Spray a Porter to create the texture and thickness on her wavy 'do.

Not that we didn't already dig the redhead's old style, but her new mane just may have inspired us to schedule a hair appointment for this weekend. What do you think of Chastain's new bangs? We'd love to know.