Jessica Lange Compares "Sexism and Ageism" From 'Feud' Era to Now | Drama Actress Roundtable

"Hollywood in the 1960s is just a microcosm of this greater atmosphere that we're all living through now."

"We started shooting [Feud] September, before the election," Jessica Lange told The Hollywood Reporter during the Drama Actress Roundtable. "The beginning of the year, it might just be ironic, but of course, no, we took a different turn. I think its more relevant now than it could have possibly been at any other time."

"I don't think in this political climate that we're in that we've seen this much misogyny, this much sexism," said Lange while drawing parallels to her period piece where she plays an aging Joan Crawford.

The women discussed Ryan Murphy (Feud creator) and his half foundation. "Every writer, every director, every crew member, everybody, it has to be half and half," meaning half men and half women.

"The idea that these women by their mid 50s, were done." Lange says of Feud. "The industry was finished with them, and I think to a certain degree that still is the case, and I think what's happened in the world of television, television has stepped into that void when your film career begins to really thin out." Lange has two career Oscar wins and three Emmy Awards to date.

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