Jessica Simpson Stumbles, Slurs During HSN Appearance

AP Images
Jessica Simpson

Gotta love a live feed.

While promoting her line of skinny jeans on HSN Wednesday evening, Jessica Simpson captured the world's attention not with her brand new premium denim collection, but with her rather questionable behavior. 

The 35-year-old, who appeared with her mom Tina, appeared to be drunk, slurring her words, stumbling and stringing together insightful sentences like, "Ashley [Simpson] is like, the best at wearing jeans." 

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According to a TMZ, sources close to Simpson claim she was not drunk (that's "just her personality"), however that didn't stop Twitter from capitalizing on HSN's #JessicaOnHSN hashtag to promote their drinking theories.

Regardless of her state of mind, Simpson's HSN slot was an overall success, as she sold out most of the merchandise. Now that's how you do it.


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