Jet Li Launches Kung Fu Video Site

Courtesy of Getty Images
Jet Li

The actor and martial arts master said his goal is to share his "passion for bringing the philosophies and lifestyle of Kung Fu to people all over the world."

Veteran Chinese actor and kung fu master Jet Li has launched a video website dedicated to martial arts.

Li unveiled the official launch of the site,, on Chinese social media service Weibo on Tuesday, saying his purpose is to share his "passion for bringing the philosophies and lifestyle of kung fu to people all over the world."

"Founding is a continuation of my dream, not something I did from an impulse," he wrote. "Kung fu is not just about the movements of arms and legs, it is also about pursuing your dream with persistence and patience."

The English-language site is dedicated to sharing the stories and practices of kung fu masters, as well as other martial arts practitioners, including boxers, Taekwondo masters, healers and others. Segments on the site currently include pieces on the traditional martial arts weapons and their modern-day benefits, female masters of Wuxia cinema, the history of Karate, Star Wars and martial arts and even a story about the whitewashing issue in Hollywood.

The video site is operated by Shanghai-based Zaomengzhe Development Company, which was established last April with $280,000 (2 million RMB).

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