Jeweler David Yurman Hosts P.S. Arts' 20th Anniversary Celebration

The jeweler and his wife will fete P.S. Arts with Julie Bowen, Kristin Davis and Lisa Kudrow.

P.S. Arts is one of L.A.'s most important charities, in that its events benefit public school arts programs, which are getting cut from budgets left and right. But also the group is made up of some of the most fashionable women in Hollywood: Julia Sorkin, Maria Bell, stylist Elizabeth Stewart, beauty journalist Susan Campos -- and stylist George Kotsiopolous is also a stalwart. They produce the Bag Lunch annually, at which designer bags from everywhere are auctioned for funds for school arts. It's a win win for everybody.

P.S. Arts is celebrating its 20th anniversary next week, and will cap it with a cocktail party hosted by jeweler David Yurman and his wife Sybil, who will preside over a party at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Tuesday, Oct. 18 co-hosted by Modern Family's Julie Bowen, Kristin Davis, Lisa Kudrow, Joy Bryant and Abigail Spencer. Sure, there will be plenty of cocktails -- but there will also be a viewing of Yurman's fall 2011 jewelry collection, eyewear, time pieces and fragrances. It's what you call combining business and pleasure. And it happens all the time in the fashion world. 

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