Jeweler Jacquie Aiche Launches Crystal-Infused Beauty Offerings

Alessandra Ambrosio Hosts Jacquie Aiche Gypsy Brunch  - Alessandra Ambrosio and Rocky Barnes- Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Laura Layera

“My jewelry line was my original self-care remedy,” says the designer of Gypsy Collection, which already counts Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio as fans.

Jacquie Aiche’s passion for stones and crystals began at an early age. “Growing up in the Hollywood Hills I couldn’t just go out and ride my bike, so instead I began collecting [them],” she says. “I would make jewelry and amulets for my family and friends.” The love affair only grew from there, and in 2008 the Beverly Hills-based designer launched her eponymous, delicate fine-jewelry line, quickly racking up a slew of celebrity fans including Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski.

But Aiche’s interest in precious minerals didn’t stop there: Gemstones have always been part of her self-care practice, helping her to stay grounded. “I fell in love with the calming energy they provide,” says Aiche, who started mixing together her own synergistic blends of gemstone-driven mists and powders. In 2018, she began exploring the idea of entering the beauty space—“so I could share my personal rituals to living a more balanced and happy life.”

That all came to fruition with the debut of Gypsy Collection, Aiche’s self-care line featuring products ($10-$70) infused with gemstones charged under the moon. It’s all intrinsically connected to her bohemian-tinged jewelry designs, she says. “My jewelry line was my original self-care remedy. I adorn myself with the crystals my body needs to find balance. And I love bringing this power into my beauty routine.”

On Thursday, members of Aiche’s “tribe” (a term of endearment used by the jeweler to refer to her clients) joined together at the Malibu Beach Inn for an alfresco affair hosted by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio to kick off the launch of Gypsy Collection.

Guests including models Tori Praver and Rocky Barnes gathered to fete the debut over brunch and received one-on-one crystal readings from astrologer and tarot reader Natalia Benson, as well as CBD massages from The Now to step up their own self-care practices.

Offerings include items such as lavender water and amethyst Gypsy Linen Mist, a Gypsy Crystal incense bowl designed for burning the Gypsy Dust, which consists of a blend of sandalwood and Palo Santo. There’s also energy-healing Gypsy Mist, featuring rose water and an array of crystal options such as Amazonite (said to promote optimism, truth and communication), and the JA Lakur limited-edition, cruelty-free nail polish set, created in collaboration with Londontown USA and featuring shades named after stones such as moonstone, morganite and quartz.

“It was so rewarding, finding the perfect blend of botanicals to combine with my essential crystals,” says Aiche. “It’s so exciting to share these products with my tribe."